ARGA serves as an intellectual resource.
In addition to managing clients’ investments, ARGA provides intellectual resources which may assist clients in making asset allocation and other investment decisions. These include market studies, empirical data, valuation tools, and insights on current developments. We routinely publish reports summarizing results of our research. We also provide research-based responses to client inquiries.

Regular ARGA publications include:

  • ARGA Monthly Review – Summarizes results for each ARGA Strategy including market commentary, sector and regional analyses, and portfolio holdings. Included are ARGA’s investment thesis on the portfolio’s largest contributors and detractors to results.
  • ARGA Quarterly Report – Provides in-depth analyses by our global research team on a topic of relevance to clients and ARGA’s portfolio composition. Reports include a case study highlighting a specific portfolio holding and detailed strategy results.
Study Topics

Each quarter, we publish results of a recent ARGA study on a topic of interest to clients. As a research-based firm, we use empirical data to support, disprove or add perspective to various market perceptions or concerns of the day. Often, the studies have surprising results with implications for investment decisions. Recent study topics include:

  • Creative Disruption: Avoiding Value Traps
  • When Do Active Managers Outperform?
  • International Small Caps
  • ESG Investing
  • Value in Emerging Markets
  • Valuation in Expensive Markets
  • Performance Measurement of Value
  • Energy: Normalization of Returns
  • Timing in Value Investing
  • GDP Growth: Impact on Equity Returns
For a report or more information on a topic of interest listed above, please send your request to: or click here