Mutual Funds
Mutual funds offer easy access to our strategies.

Mutual funds share ARGA’s singular goal:
Maximize client returns over time.

ARGA mutual funds include: (click on fund of interest)

ARGA International Value Fund

ARGA Emerging Markets Value Fund

ARGA Value Fund

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Consider the fund’s investment objective, risk, and charges and expenses. This and other information can be found in the fund’s prospectus and the summary prospectus, which may be obtained by visiting the fund’s webpage at or by calling 866-234-ARGA (866-234-2742). Please read the prospectus and summary prospectus carefully before investing.
There are risks involved in investing, including the loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective. International investments may involve additional risks including the fund’s securities may decline in response to investor sentiment, general economic and market conditions, regional or global instability, and currency and interest rate fluctuations. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors as well as increased volatility and lower trading volume. The value of equity securities will fluctuate in response to factors affecting a particular company, as well as broader market and economic conditions. Broad movements in financial markets may adversely affect the price of the Fund’s investments. Value style of investing may increase the risks of investing in the Fund. If a company’s value or prospects for exceeding earnings expectations is inaccurate, the Fund could suffer losses or produce poor performance relative to other funds. In addition, “value stocks” can continue to be undervalued by the market for long periods of time.
The funds are distributed by SEI Investment Distribution Company (SIDCO) 1 Freedom Valley Dr., Oaks PA 19456. SIDCO is not affiliated with ARGA. Check the background of SIDCO on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.