ARGA UCITS funds are available to non-US investors


  • Share ARGA’s singular goal: Maximize client returns over time.
  • Apply ARGA’s same strategy investment discipline

The prospectus for the ICAV and Funds’ Supplements, PRIIPs and KIIDs are available through IQEQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited, the Funds’ Global Distributor.

ARGA offers the following UCITS funds:

ARGA Emerging Markets Equity Fund

ARGA Global Equity Fund

ARGA European Equity Fund

UCITS stands for: “undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities.”
ARGA UCITS Funds are sub-funds of Skyline Umbrella Fund ICAV. Skyline Umbrella Fund ICAV is an Irish collective asset-management vehicle established as an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds under the laws of Ireland pursuant to the Regulations of the Central Bank of Ireland.
This is a marketing communication. This is not a contractually binding document. Please refer to the relevant Fund Supplement and KIID and do not base any final investment decision on this communication alone. There are fees and expenses associated with investing in these Funds. For a full list of the fees and expenses associated with an investment please refer to the Fees and Expenses section of the relevant Fund Supplement.
The ARGA UCITS Funds are only available for distribution to investors in jurisdictions where they have been registered. No information is intended to be provided to investors where the Funds are not registered.