Who We Are

ARGA is a valuation-based manager of global equity strategies. Our experienced investment professionals are based in developed and emerging markets in the US, UK and India. Working in close collaboration across geographies, we implement a disciplined, valuation-focused process to identify equity opportunities often overlooked by the broader market. We invest in these opportunities on behalf of clients seeking to maximize long-term returns.

What We Do

ARGA manages equity portfolios on behalf of clients. We offer a variety of equity strategies to meet clients’ various portfolio needs. As a valuation-based manager, we follow a process to identify businesses around the world that appear underpriced. Typically, these are companies whose current earnings or other fundamentals are depressed relative to our assessment of their long-term earnings power. We build portfolios of the most attractively valued businesses for our clients.

What We Believe

ARGA believes emotions impair investment decisions. This creates pricing anomalies across world equity markets. These price anomalies provide opportunities for investors, such as ARGA, who can identify and quantify them. The field of behavioral finance supports this view, showing market inefficiencies reflect anxiety and emotional biases related to uncertainty and loss aversion. ARGA believes we can leverage these inefficiencies by removing emotion from decision-making through systematic process. If we stay the course through difficult times, we can generate superior returns.

Why It Works

Fundamental research and disciplined process are key. Research is conducted by business analysts who are focused by sector while broadened in perspective through our developed and emerging market locations. As an employee-owned firm, our interests are aligned with our clients.